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Welcome to Capital City Village, Austin's virtual community of seniors committed to aging in place - living in our own homes and communities comfortably - while maintaining healthy and active lifestyles. Join today to get full access to our many social and cultural events, our dedicated volunteers and network of providers available to help meet your needs, and to age successfully in place and in community.

Stay Where You Live, Live Well Where You Stay


We're in the Running for This - Are You a Wheatsville Owner?

Spread the news! Capital City Village is a finalist for Wheatsville Co-op's annual Community Action support program for 2021. Voting runs from Sept. 14th through Nov. 20th. If you're a Wheatsville Co-op member please vote for Capital City VIllage! Wheatsville owners received an email for the online ballot Monday, Sept. 14th. Click this link to find out more


Capital City Village Stands with Those Who Raise Their Voices in Peaceful Protest

At Capital City Village we inclusively serve seniors whose desire it is to age at home and in their own communities. Our hearts hurt at the thought of black lives lost because of the color of their skin. The Black Lives Matter movement continues to be as important as ever, and many Austinites have descended upon downtown streets to protest. For various reasons, including increased risk from COVID-19, seniors who feel strongly about this issue may not be able to join in the protests.

There are, however, many ways you can make a positive impact in our community:

Demonstrate your position by contacting your elected officials and – most importantly – VOTE (;

Donate to social justice causes you support (e.g. ACLUNAACPAustin Area Urban League, and the Austin Justice Coalition just to name a few options);

Dedicate yourself to learning more (please see BookPeople’s Anti-Racist Reading List or a video discussion series Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man by Austin sports analyst Emmanuel Acho).

You can also take action by supporting black-owned businesses in your area. Although we still advise against shopping trips, many of these black-owned businesses can provide curbside, takeout, home or yard services, or delivery. We urge our members to support these businesses in those ways. Thanks to KVUE for publishing this black-owned businesses list.

Capital City Village remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting Austin seniors regardless of racial, cultural or economic differences. Austin can and should be a community for all.

Capital City Village Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Please review this entire message carefully. In view of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have changed a number of our standard operations. All of our programs at least through September will be held online only to protect the health and safety of our members, volunteers and guests. Please monitor our Events page for updates.

In regard to services to members, it's important that our volunteers observe certain protocols to keep themselves and members healthy. We have advised volunteers of recommended protocols to follow when working with members.

We have limited member services to only those that are essential (not elective), plus tech help and home/yard services that can be done outdoors or with sufficient space to protect the safety of our volunteers and members. We ask you to schedule elective and nonessential services for later this summer. We will also be closely monitoring our Village Connections members to make sure you have necessary services. We encourage you to use delivery services for groceries, prescriptions and pet supplies. Please let us know if we can help with recommendations.

Please let us know ways we can help you during this time, from getting you to essential doctor's appointments to making sure you have food, meds and services essential to quality of life. The Village can make a difference and we will. Our phone numbers are posted here - call us if you need us!

And please check here for additional news and resources regarding Austin's response to COVID-19.

Capital City Village Office: (512) 524-2709

Member Services: (512) 468-5594

View our 2019 Annual Report Here


Capital City Village is an Austin-based nonprofit dedicated to helping seniors stay in their homes and communities for as long as possible, a concept called aging in place and community. We achieve this mission through volunteers, providers, and programs.

Capital City Village is distinctly different from traditional bricks-and-mortar retirement centers. The members and volunteers of Capital City Village, a "virtual" village, have joined together in pursuit of a common goal: to live safely and comfortably in our own homes and communities while remaining healthy and active. We are building a community of helpers who aren't necessarily your friends or relatives, whom you don't mind calling on because they are your fellow members and you're not "putting them out."

All members receive the same number of services, regardless of the member fee level, which is based on income. To see the types of services we provide to members, take a look at our Member Benefits page. Generous donations and attendance at our fundraisers supplement member fees for those who cannot afford to pay the full fee.

Please consider a donation or attend one of our fundraisers, so that any Austinite who wishes to be a Village member may be able to do so.

In the news:

Check our News and Resources Page for more!

We recently "zoomed" with Texas treasure Sara Hickman. Check it out here!

And for a feel-good moment, click on the picture below for our Volunteer Showcase: