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About Service Providers

To live well at home can often mean that goods and services must be brought to the doorstep. Capital City Village provides a consultation phone line at (512) 524-2709 to members on how they can find providers available for a variety of projects, services and tasks. In some cases, a volunteer can help replace light bulbs, provide a ride or correct a minor computer problem at no additional charge to the member. But when something more complicated is needed, or requires the services of a licensed professional, CCV refers to our list of recommended vendors, many of whom also provide discounts to members.

When a member calls to explain their need, the CCV staff works to arrange a solution by giving a name, contact information and range of abilities for the need, and may provide more than one option. The member can do the scheduling for a home or office visit, and will also arrange payment directly with the providers.

Do you have a vendor to recommend?  Please let us know!