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Find Your Own Healthcare Data


Fri 08 / 23 / 2019 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
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AGE of Central Texas, 3710 Cedar St., Austin,




Tommi Ferguson

Limited Capacity: 2 spots available

Schedule: Friday, August 23 10am-12p (one 2-hour session)

Fee: $25 for one seminar. FREE to CCV members. Note in comments field: "CCV member - complimentary registration"

Contact the office if you have questions.

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  • Basic Windows and web browser operating skills
  • Optional - bring your own device (phone, tablet, USB flash drive) for storing health information.


On average, you are likely to be in a healthcare setting 17 times during the year. You may see your primary care doctor, visit the hospital, and see your dentist, pharmacist, and some specialists. During those visits, medical professionals want to know a lot of information about your medical situation: your medical history, medications, etc. Each of these visits can also generate a lot of new health information about you.

Where can you find this health information? What are the best ways to store it and share it with future healthcare providers? If you have a medical emergency, how can you make sure the first responders know your medical information? Are there ways to make your next new doctor visit easier and faster?

This class will teach you how to find and organize your healthcare information. This is a special class, as one of the instructors is a retired doctor! If there is time, you can try to access your own health data during class, so you may want to bring your own device (Phone, tablet, USB flash drive) to store the information.


  • Find out who may have your medical data and how you can access your records.
  • View your medical records online.
  • Understand the best strategies to organize your medical information.
  • Learn how patient health records and patient portals can make your next doctor appointment easier.
  • Learn about medical information sharing, security and privacy issues.
  • Learn what information is most important to share with your healthcare providers.
  • Be ready for your next doctor’s visit or an unexpected medical emergency.


Julia W. and Dr. Tom McHorse

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